Guest Posting Service

It is currently more important than ever to build high quality, natural backlinks to you site in order to rank well on the search engines. A great way to do this is through guest posting on relevant blogs in your niche.


Example Guest Post

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting is a managed service where we actively prospect and develop strategic partnerships with high quality blogs and other relevant sites in your industry, specifically targeting audiences with the aim of them publishing your content and providing authoritative links back to your website.


We have plenty of experience in sourcing these guest posting opportunities and utilise proven methods to find the best prospects in or around your industry.


We can research, write (if required) and submit engaging content for you to go on the aforementioned sites/blogs. The typical process for having an article published as a guest post is as follows:




The above is a simplified version of the process, but at its core, the process is usually the same.


Judging The Value Of An Opportunity

As well as gaining a link, this process will also promote your brand online, which eventually could result in you being associated as the main experts in your field. The main goal is to build trusted links that increase rankings, drive click through traffic and encourage social interaction that will increase visibility of your site online. We generally look at the following when guaging the value of a guest post opportunity:


  • Relevance
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority of previous posts (used as a guide only)
  • PageRank of previous posts (again, used as guide only)
  • Anchor text allowances
  • Placement of links (in content/author bio/etc.)
  • Estimated traffic to site
  • Twitter Followers
  • Facebook Likes
  • Tweets, Likes, +1’s, etc of previous posts
  • Comments on previous posts

The above are all elements that will help evaluate the potential benefits of a guest post and allow us to prioritise or disregard opportunities.