Website Redesign / Refresh

Do you have a website in need of a makeover? Our website refresh service may be exactly what you are looking for.



Web design is a fast paced industry, and a website that looked good in 2005, will probably look dated in 2012 and an occasional revamp to ensure it keeps up with the competition goes a long way.


The key benefits:

  • Usually quicker than a complete rebuild
  • Can be cheaper than a complete rebuild
  • We can use your existing CMS


The difference between this service and a complete redesign/rebuild is we would not technically alter the structure of your website or alter the content, we would simply alter the various graphical elements, fonts and use of colour throughout the site to give it a new lease of life.


As you would expect is often a cheaper option than a complete redesign and we will give your existing website a full suitability check prior to embarking an any changes.